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Sex questions. Do it. Doo itt 0.0
  • 1: Kitchen Counter, Couch, or on top of the dryer?
  • 2: Your last sexual encounter: Good or Bad and why:
  • 3: A fictional person that you think would be good in bed:
  • 4: Something that never fails to make you horny:
  • 5: Where is one place you would never have sex:
  • 6: The most awkward moment during a sexual experience was when ______________
  • 7: Weirdest thing that ever made you horny:
  • 8: What is the best way to sexually bind someone: Handcuffs, Rope, or Other [if other please explain]:
  • 9: What is the fastest way to make you horny:
  • 10: Top or bottom?
  • 11: We were about to ____________ but then ______________ [example: we were about to have sex but then his mom walked in]
  • 12: Is one orgasm enough? Are multiple orgasms necessary?
  • 13: Something that you have hidden in your room that you don’t want anyone to find:
  • 14: Weirdest nickname a significant other has ever called you:
  • 15: Two things you like [or dislike] about oral sex:
  • 16: Weirdest sexual act some has performed [or tried to perform] on/with you:
  • 17: Have you ever tasted yourself? [If no, would you?] [If yes, what did you think?]
  • 18: Is it ever okay to not use a condom:
  • 19: Who was the sexiest teacher you ever had?
  • 20: A food that you would like to use during a sexual experience:
  • 21: How big is too big:
  • 22: One sexual thing you would never do:
  • 23: Biggest turn on:
  • 24: Three spots that drive you insane:
  • 25: Worst possible time to get horny:
  • 26: Do you like it when your sexual partner moans:
  • 27: Worst sexual idea you ever had:
  • 28: How much fapping is too much fapping:
  • 29: Best sexual compliment you ever got:
  • 30: Bald, landing strip, Jumanji:
  • 31: Is it good sex if you don’t nut:
  • 32: Fill in the blank: "If they ____________, we are fuckin"
  • 33: What your favorite part of your body:
  • 34: Favorite foreplay activities:
  • 35: Love (>,36: What do you wear to bed?
  • 37: When was the first time you masturbated:
  • 38: Do you have any nude/masturbating pictures/video of yourself?
  • 39: Have you ever/when was the last time you had sex outside?
  • 40: Have/would you ever have sex outside?
  • 41: Have/would you ever had a threesome?
  • 42: What is one random object you’ve used to masturbate?
  • 43: Have/would you ever masturbate at work/school?
  • 44: Have/would you ever have sex on a plane?
  • 45: What is one song you’d like to have sex to?
  • 46: What is something nonsexual that makes you horny?
  • 47: Most attractive celebrity?
  • 48: Do you watch queer porn? why/why not?
  • 49: If a child was born on the occasion of the last time you had sex, how old would that child be right now?
  • 50: Has anyone ever posted nude pictures of you online?
  • 51: What is one thing that NEVER makes you horny?
  • 52: Do you have stretch marks? (How do you feel about them? Has anyone ever had a problem with them?)
  • 53: Do you like giving head? (why/why not)
  • 54: How do you feel about tattoos on someone you are interested in?
  • 55: How would you feel about taking someones virginity?
  • 56: Is there any food you would NOT recommend using during a sexual encounter?
  • 57: Is there anything you do on Tumblr that you would not like your significant other to see?
  • 58: Do you own any sex toys? (what is it? (how long have you had it?)
  • 59: Would you give your significant other unrestricted access to your Tumblr for a day?
  • 60: Would you be offended if your significant other suggested you get plastic surgery?
  • 61: Would you rather be a porn star or a prostitute?
  • 62: Do you watch porn?
  • 63: How small is too small?
  • 64: Have you ever been called a freak? Why?
  • 65: Who gave you your last kiss? Did it mean anything?
  • 66: Would you switch phones with your significant other for a day?
  • 67: Do you feel comfortable going "commando"?
  • 68: Would you have a problem with going down on someone if they hadn't shaved their pubic hair?
  • 69: If you could give yourself head, would you?
  • 70: Booty or Boobs?
  • 71: If you had a penis, what would you name it?
  • 72: Have you ever been on an official date?
  • 73: Have you ever cheated on someone? (Why?)
  • 74: If you were a stripper, what would your name be?
  • 75: Have you ever had sex in your parents bed? (Would you?)
  • 76: How would you react if you found out your parents had sex in your bed?
  • 77: What was your reaction the first time you saw genitalia?
  • 78: If you had a penis for a day, what are five things you would do?

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